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The Write Tees Founder

Hello friends! My name is Ericka, and I am addicted to t-shirts. I seriously believe this to be the case, and if society would have it, I would probably wear one every SINGLE day. ​My addiction has accented a simple pair of distressed jeans, sequin skirts, business attire, and of course PAJAMAS. My fascination with the tee stems from a little research and learning that...once upon a time, it was only an now being accepted with nearly any occasion.Talk about evolution.

Now that I have confessed my habit to the world and the diversity of a simple tee, can I just shout how much I love the art of expression a simple tee can have. As an author to four novels, and a long lived high school literature teacher, I have more fun "writing" on tees for both myself and my clients than I do a composition book. I can't express how much I learn about each and every patron of The Write Tees, and for this, I am thankful. They choose my company for self expression, and I hold this dear to my heart.

I am sure by just visiting my website, you have learned that I am a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. As a member of THE BEST sorority in the land, my desire to broaden our paraphernalia stems from me realizing that there is so much wonderful history within my sisterhood that non-members do not know....and so this is why it was important to me to become a certified vendor. So, I decided to take my love for reading and writing, and share with the world the many great qualities of my sisterhood and with a simple visit to my website, anyone will learn a thing or two..because it will be found on The Write Tees. 

Thank you for stopping by  The Write Tees, and thank you for your support.



Owner, Educator, Author, T-shirt Addict

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